ESL One Birmingham: TNC eliminated at the hands of Secret

Shounak Sengupta

1o, Jun, 2019

TNC faced a tough test going up against, what is arguably the best team in the world and while they did get a win in game 2, Secret walked all over them in the decider to take the series. With this, TNC have been eliminated in 6th place.


Despite impressing against EG in the upper bracket, TNC were knocked down to the lower bracket, where they faced Secret. It was a similar situation again as Secret proved too tough to beat.


In game 1, Yapzor’s infamous 4 position Enigma was allowed to pick up a 15-minute Guardian Greaves and TNC failed to pressure Nisha’s Spectre in any way. In comparison, Kuku’s Magnus only picked up Greaves post-30-minutes, and while Armel and Gabbi were doing better, it was never enough to match up against a Spectre, Tidehunter and Ember Spirit. Secret took their time, knowing they had the lategame secured, but closed out the game comfortably, by the 40-minute mark.


In game 2, TNC pulled out a last pick Sniper, a hero they had used to take down EG and a distinct lack of distance closers on Secret meant that Armel was never under any threat. It allowed TNC to play with a lot more confidence and Secret were taken aback by the aggression and fast pace that was thrown at them. The DPC table-toppers had little map control and had to concede a bunch of objectives, that allowed TNC to ramp up their lead and deal the closing blow.


In game 3, Secret adjusted their draft easily, with Zai’s offlane Winter Wyvern being a massive hindrance to the right click heavy lineup of TNC. Armel’s last-pick Alchemist had a tough start in the laning phase and Midone dominated him from the get-go. With some heavy focus on the mid-game itemization, Secret were able to take an early Rosh and threatened high ground before Gabbi’s BKB was even up. However, TNC were able to get the backstab, and wiped Secret despite Midone’s Aegis. Unfortunately, this newly gained confidence worked against them and they were caught time and again taking unfavourable trades and playing in wrong parts of the map. Secret were careful to not make any more mistakes as they slowly chipped away at TNC’s base, took the second Roshan and closed out the series on the back of a 3 man stun courtesy of a stolen Storm Hammer from Yapzor.


It’s been a tournament of mostly highs for TNC, who finished second in their group and put up a tough fight against the likes of EG and Secret. Heen’s impact as a coach has been positive for now and it will be interesting to see how the team fares at the upcoming EPICENTER Major.