ESL is working to resolve scheduling conflicts for ESL One Mumbai

Shounak Sengupta

7th, Apr, 2019

ESL’s Senior VP of product, Ulriche Schulze tweeted out earlier today that they are working on solutions to allow teams to attend ESL One Mumbai.

With the Dotapit Minor kicking off one day after the conclusion of ESL One Mumbai, and 3 teams set to play in both LANs, teams were expected to pull out in order to focus on the Minor. Gambit, NiP and Alliance have all been invited to ESL One Mumbai but are also in the running at Dotapit. With PPD casting doubt on whether the team will be able to attend both events, the entire scenario raised questions about the final list of attendees.

Forunately for Indian Dota fans, it seems as if ESL are well aware of the situation and are exploring options to minimize the impact of the crammed Dota 2 tournament schedule. The final list of attendees is expected to be finalized sometime in the coming week.

Here's what Akshat Rathee - MD of NODWIN Gaming and ESL India had to say when asked about the situation.

We would love to have them at ESL One Mumbai without jeopardizing their chances of competing at the minor. We are currently talking to Dotapit to explore solutions that would allow them to compete at both events.

ESL One Mumbai will see 12 teams clash for the lion's share of $300,000 at NSCI Dome, Mumbai from the 16th-21st of April.

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