EPICENTER Moscow Open Qualifier Details Announced

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Epic Esports Events recently announced details for season two of EPICENTER. Last year EPICENTER was one of the most well executed LANs which received a lot of praise from the entire community. Hence it hardly came as a surprise when they announced that they would be hosting another iteration of the tournament. Since first hosting the Dota 2 event last year, EPICENTER went on to host a Counter Strike Global Offensive LAN as well.

EPICENTER 2017 will be held in Moscow again but the venue for the event has been shifted to VTB Ice Palace. The main LAN kicks off in June and will be a weeklong affair lasting from the 4th to the 11th. The International invitee’s will also be decided around the same time and hence results for all teams at the LAN will be of utmost importance. EPICENTER will feature a prize pool of 500,000$, same as season 1. A total of 10 teams are to take part in the LAN, with 6 of them being direct invites. The other 4 teams will be decided through the regional qualifiers. The 4 regions will be NA, CIS/EU, SEA and China.
The format has been tweaked since last time for the LAN as well. Last year, the 4 qualifying teams had to play out a double elimination bracket from which 2 teams moved onto the actual group stages. This time however, all 10 teams will be put into groups and the top 3 seeds from each will advance.  In addition Open Qualifiers will be held as well to give lesser known teams a fair chance to make it to the regionals. This means that 6 invited teams and 2 open qualifier teams will be fighting it out in the regionals to secure their spot at Moscow.
The details for the first and second Open Qualifiers are as follows. The format for the OQ's will be single elimination till the quarter finals and then double elims.
1st Open Qualifier
 April 21st- April 23rd

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2nd Open Qualifier
April 30th- May 2nd

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