Entity Gaming’s Epic Comeback

Vignesh Raghuram

24th, Jun, 2017
Entity Gaming just showed us why opponents should never let their guards down against them. They played astonishingly well to turn around a net worth deficit and make an epic comeback against Maximus.

Maximus dominated the early game, going into the mid game with DK and Razor leading the networth charts. But they were unable to effectively push into Entity's high ground, as Sw1fty's Mirana paired with BDZ’s Warlock repeatedly threw them back with their Starfall-Fatal Bonds combo. BDZ was easily the game's MVP, with an array of Fatal Bond multi-kills giving him a 11/3/15 scoreline by the end of the game.
BlizzarD’s Slark performance was very impressive too, he did 20k hero damage against a lineup that literally had 5 counter picks against his hero. The fact that he only had 1 Death against a farmed LC speaks volumes about how good he is in his carry role.
However, The Legion Commander didn’t use this farm to rush a Blink Dagger which is probably their biggest mistake other than a few positioning errors.
Entity Gaming will now go up against the winner of the Intelligence Quotient vs EVOS Gaming. Tune into https://www.twitch.tv/afkgamingesports for more Indian Dota action.


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