Entity Gaming revamps their roster

Vignesh Raghuram

6th, Sep, 2017
Entity Gaming have signed TMT, Teehee, and Eyyou in an attempt to revamp their Dota 2 roster. With the recent additions, Entity Gaming now have 5 Filipinos players on their team. Additionally, they will be shifting their bootcamp to Manila, Philippines.
Their New Roster will be:
1. TMT
2. Teehee
3. Abing
4/5 Eyyou
4/5 Job
TMT is a Singaporean pubstar who currently sits at 6th place in the SEA leaderboards with an MMR of 8667.
Teehee was one of the star players for GeekFam which had multiple 1st place finishes in the ProDota Cup SEA tournaments. He will be plying his trade on the midlane for Entity Gaming. He is also a very experienced player known for his unusual midlane hero pool.
Eyyou is yet another veteran of the scene. He was part of the TNC Gaming squad who knocked out TI6 favorites OG in The International 2016. He will be part of the supporting cast alongside Job.

Ab1ng  will revert back to the offlane position after a brief stint in the carry role.
This new roster change seems to reflect Entity Gaming’s lofty ambitions.

"Our goal is to qualify for majors/minors in the coming months and we have a team capable of qualifying for them."

said Entity Gaming's Owner Neerav Rukhana speaking to AFK Gaming.

Earlier yesterday, former Entity Gaming Midlaner Sw1fty announced that he was stepping down from the active roster as he “won't be able to commit outside India Yet For some time and continue with the team.”
Neerav Rukhana confirmed that Swifty was let go from the active roster because

"he cannot shift to the Manila bootcamp. We would have loved it if Swifty could make it there. He will however still be part of Entity Gaming till we can find a suitable team for him"

Although the Entity Gaming management will be traveling to the Philippines to setup the bootcamp house, the organization will still be primarily based in India. They will remotely manage their team from here. The bootcamp will likely be up and operational by end of this month.

Responding to frequent comments from fans about the organization no longer being Indian, Entity Gaming's Owner Neerav Rukhana had this to say:

"We are very much an Indian organization. Our CSGo and PB (Piercing Blow) squad is full Indian. As for dota, we tried for a year as both Beyond Infinity and Entity and we failed. Players choose for themselves which organization/team they want to join. But if there is an Indian team capable of beating the big names of SEA, we would be happy to sponsor them. Until then we will continue pursuing our dota goal in the Philippines which is again economically better for us if we want to sustain."


Both Signify and Entity Gaming have widened Indian esports borders by looking outside the country for Dota 2 talent. Will this prove to be a successful move?


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