Entity Gaming qualify for IEM Sydney 2019 - SEA Closed Qualifier

Aditya Singh Rawat

7th, Mar, 2019

Entity Gaming participated in the first SEA Open Qualifiers for IEM Sydney 2019 where they went undefeated on the first day of the event taking down TGC.Esports, Signify and the Indonesian powerhouse BOOM ID.

All the games were a single match affair with a loss leading to a direct elimination from the qualifier. Entity stomped both TGC and Signify on Inferno and Train with scores of ‘16-2’ and ‘16-7’, respectively.

Entity faced quite a tough time against BOOM ID playing on Mirage but held their nerves to clutch some important rounds, which secured them a place in the finals against Team RRQ.

Today the finals took place between the two in a Bo3 series where Entity lost on their map pick, Inferno by a score of ‘16-8’ whereas they won on Mirage, RRQ’s pick with the scoreboard reading ‘22-20’.

Entity was carried hard in their second game by Djoxic but it was Psy with the final clutch to take them across the finish line which had been denied twice by RRQ.

The decider took place on Train where RRQ went down to Entity by a score of ‘16-10’. Train is turning out to be a strong map for Entity, who have put up overwhelming performances on the map taking down Signify and RRQ in quite a dominating manner.

Both DAV and Djoxic put up a strong performance in the finale holding a rating of 1.31 and 1.11, respectively with K/D ratio of +10 and +15. Excali was the one having a tough time at the event as he suffered throughout with a K/D ratio of -18 and an overall rating of just 0.84.

With the win, Entity has successfully conquered the SEA Open Qualifiers and have qualified for the IEM Sydney 2019 - SEA Closed Qualifier which will be taking place from 22nd-24th March.


I am personally quite excited with this recent surge in Entity's performance. Last I saw an Indian team succeed at an international qualifier was OpTic India, but even those guys could not make it all the way through. This is quite a big achievement for Entity and I hope they are able to put up strong performances in the coming Closed Qualifiers as well.

Both the Serbian players have been a great addition, providing the much-needed boost to the side's firepower. Psy who recently made a comeback to the active roster was phenomenal with his clutch plays and that is a clear sign of growth from the respected Indian awper. Congratulations to Entity for making it this far and wish them the very best for the road ahead.


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