Entity Gaming eliminated after going down to Energy Esports at the DH India Invitational CS:GO

Vignesh Raghuram

23rd, Dec, 2018

Cover Image Courtesy: Energy Esports

The DreamHack India Invitational CS:GO continued on with the Lower Bracket matches as Energy Gaming who lost to Bravado on Day-1 faced off against Entity Gaming after they dropped down following a loss against Signify yesterday.

Although Energy is clearly the more experienced team compared to Entity, The upset caused by Signify earlier in the day, caused the crowd to be pretty hyped, expecting a similar episode to occur in the Lower Bracket match-up as well.

It's Over 9000!!!

In all honesty, Entity played really well, going head-to-head against Energy for more than the better half of the game.

Entity had a solid start on Mirage winning the two opening rounds in a row but went down in the third round following which Energy took them down again on their force buy.

Entity facing an eco round were not able to do much as Energy rolled on with the momentum to take the next 3 rounds as well.

Right when it looked as if Energy might run away with the game, a cheeky play by Domsterr cost them the round as he tried to sneak in behind Entity but was quickly picked off by Excali following a massacre of the Energy line-up.

Something similar was attempted yet again in the next round but this time it was an ace by Dav that won Entity their second round in a row. Within no time Entity had drawn the scores at ‘6-6’.

Energy took the lead following which another interesting round witnessed Entity sweeping every member of Energy but still lost out on the round as the timer on the bomb ticked off.

The next few rounds were exchanged in-between the two teams as the scores were drawn once again on ‘11-11’ before Entity ran away with the game.

Kani was unstoppable as he finished the encounter against Entity with a phenomenal ace coming off his AWP.

With this, Entity has been eliminated from the DH India Invitational CS:GO as Energy advance onto the next round of the Lower Bracket to faceoff against Bravado Gaming.

Stay tuned with AFK Gaming as we update you on the match which is about to go live shortly.


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