EG and VG.J take top spots in the GESC group stages

Shounak Sengupta

16th, Mar, 2018
The two teams finished top of their respective groups to secure their spots in the semi-finals beating Na`Vi and Fnatic in the process.
EG go undefeated in the group stages
In Group A, EG completed the 2-0 over Na`vi to establish themselves as top dogs for the title. The CIS fan favourites were hopelessly outmatched as EG wrapped up the series in just over an hour with two clinical victories.
In game 1, Sumail’s offlane Pugna worked a number on the Na`vi side the entire game, clearing out their illusion based strat based on Naga and PL. Eventually, Fear’s DK had the splash damage and Arteezy’s Lifestealer began to clear through illusions with his Radiance as well as Na`vi began to run out of steam and called the gg after multiple lost team fights.
In game 2, Na`vi showed their hand too early in the draft, picking up a Morphling.While he would do relatively well in the mid lane vs Fear’s Viper, Arteezy went unchecked and snowballed out of control. Once EG had the lead, they systematically took objectives and the Roshan before going high ground and forced the game. Sumail, too was clutch on the Sand King, helping EG win crucial teamfights that made the difference.
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VG.J too strong for Fnatic
The WB finals in Group B went the distance, but eventually, the Chinese powerhouse proved too strong for Envy and his boys. They lost game 1 after a bad draft involving a 1 position Void, who had minimal impact but bounced back in games 2 and 3 to take the win.
The series started off well for Fnatic but quickly ran into a wall as VG.J proved to be the better team in the second and third games. Their execution and team fights were much crisper and they outplayed Fnatic right from the laning stage to move onto the semi-finals.

Tomorrow kicks off with RRQ and Infamous in Group A, followed by DC and The Fila Tribe from Group B. Stay tuned for all the action.


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