EE and co. get knocked out while Mineski dismantle Empire

Vignesh Raghuram

7o, May, 2019

Copyright: ESL | Bart Oerbekke

The first two teams to be eliminated at the MDL Disneyland Paris Major are beastcoast and Team Empire after suffering losses in their BO1 elimination matches.

beastcoast vs coL


In a showdown between NA teams, beastcoast had to go head-to-head against compLexity a fight for surivival. The two teams haven’t exactly had the best of Group Stages here in Paris, with beastcoast only managing to win a single game against VP, while coL won two against Fnatic.

The game started off with coL racing off to a lead with Limmp and Meracle having a free game. On beastcoast’s side, it was only Brax holding the fort. At the 28th minute mark, coL took complete control of the game with a teamwipe.

They steadily snowballed to a victory eliminating beastcoast in 42 minutes.



Mineski vs Team Empire


Mineski proved that they were a class apart from Team Empire in a gleaming 23-minute victory proving that they’re a team to be feared in this tournament.

After a slow start to the game, Mineski cranked up the tempo and began to play at a breakneck pace, with constant pickoffs, objectives and teamfights. Team Empire was simply not given an opportunity to get themselves back into the game as Mineski took complete control of the map to secure the win.


Mineski will now have to face off against Virtus.Pro in their next matchup. While the matchup is still heavily VP favoured, the CIS team’s chinks in the armour have been exposed by beastcoast and OG which they can utilize to slay the beast.

coL, on the other hand, will move on to face PSG.LGD in their next match.