ECS Season 7 all set to kick start tomorrow

Aditya Singh Rawat

5o, Jun, 2019

Cover Image Courtesy: Faceit

The 7th Season of Esports Championship Series is all set to start tomorrow onwards. The $500,000 tournament will be taking place from 6th-9th June at the SSE Arena in Wembley, London.

Image Credit: Liquipedia

The event will witness participation from 8 teams going against each other in a group stage which divides the competitors into two groups of 4 teams each.

Image Credit: Liquipedia

These groups will follow a double elimination format with the opening matches being a best-of-one followed by all the others being a three-match series. The top two teams from each group will be moving ahead to the Playoffs.

The Playoffs will be played from 8th-9th July following a single elimination bracket where every match will be a best-of-three series.

Teams To Lookout For


First and foremost it has to be the Danish giants, Astralis, who are also the defending champions. These guys have missed out on quite a lot of events lately which has been a dagger to their heart. Due to their absence at these events and Liquid taking full advantage of the opportunities, they have been dethroned from the number one spot on the HLTV rank list.

The Danes will be looking to get back what they had held dearly for more than a year. It will not be easy at all with Vitality in prime form and FURIA also looking quite fierce. Astralis would have to give total commitment to ensure their victory.


With FURIA picking up the weight of the Brazilian counterstrike in the absence of MIBR in Dallas. The young guns brought with them a fresh new way to handle the top teams, they were fast and aggressive and it all worked out well for them in the end. A scare for MIBR as they may be looking at their replacements, they have not been in the best of forms but I guess its high time they come back to winning ways before Brazil shift their support to the emerging superstars.

With a few changes being implemented in the Complexity roster, the team would be testing out how well they function playing together. Who knows, they might just shake up a few things and surprise us all.

Which team will you guys be backing up over the weekend? Is a finale between FURIA and Vitality on the card or is it reaching too far? Stay tuned as the action starts tomorrow.