Dust 2 back in, Cobblestone out - CSGO devs revamp active map pool

Shounak Sengupta

21st, Apr, 2018

*Cover image source: @csgo_dev

The CS:GO devs have announced a change in the active map pool for competitive play. Cobblestone has been removed from the pool while the old classic, Dust 2 is back. The map has been a staple of the CS:GO scene and was quite popular in matchmaking even when it wasn’t in the active pool. The FACEIT Major will be the first Major with the updated map pool.

The change has been met with mostly positive reactions from the community with Cobblestone falling out of favor with most teams and analysts in recent times.

Also in the update is an experimental version of the B site in Nuke which will be playable in the Wingman mode. The casual maps have been placed in groups as well, based on playtime. Cobblestone moves into the Delta group while Shipped and Austria find place  in the Sigma group.

Read the announcement post here.


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