Dsport to broadcast The International Dota 2 Championships on Indian Television

Vignesh Raghuram

10o, Aug, 2017
Dsport has established itself as a destination for watching Esports on TV in India and it isn't slowing down its plans to make Esports mainstream. The channel which has been telecasting CS:GO games from the ESL India Premiership – 2017, is now set to telecast the Grand Finals of The International 2017.
For those who are unaware, The International is Valve’s premier annual DotA 2 tournament featuring a jaw dropping $24 million dollar prize-pool. The International has always been considered as one of the most prestigious tournaments in all of esports. It is the Holy Grail for all DotA 2 players and it has only grown bigger with time.
The tournament has always been/is being streamed live on Twitch and YouTube. But this year, The Grand Finals of The International 2017, will also be broadcast on Dsport. This is indicative of the growing popularity of esports across India.
The telecast will be delayed to ensure ease of access for newcomers to the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre. The Grand Finals of TI7 kicks off at 01:30am IST on August 13th, Dsport will be re-telecasting it from 11am IST on the same day
On that note, Dsports will be telecasting the ‘Newcomer Stream to ensure easy understanding of Dota’s complex game mechanics. 
While the inclusion of Dota2 on mainstream television is certainly welcome, is it really that significant? Why would existing Dota2 viewers make the switch from Twitch/Youtube?

In a quote given to Gadgets 360, NODWIN Gaming’s founder Akshat Rathee explains that The core audience for Dota 2 is like the test match cricket watching crowd in India and they’ll watch it as it happens live. Our aim is to get the IPL audience to watch it
With the esports industry growing steadily, it makes sense to see more games and tournaments on television. And with the exposure from Dsport to the general audience, that growth is likely to continue.