DreamLeague S9: Secret through to the finals; Newbee and Fnatic clash in LB

Shounak Sengupta

25th, Mar, 2018

*Cover Image source: @Dreamhack Dota

Team Secret sent a strong to their closest DPC competitors, Team Liquid, beating them 2-0 to move onto the grand finals of the DreamLeague Season 9 Minor. It was of course, TL playing without one of their main players, Miracle, but the unforgiving DPC system is impervious to such details.

The day started with Newbee taking a 2-0 over OG, who too are with a standin in the form of their coach, 7ckngMad. The 4 time Major winners are already out of the running for a TI qualification because of a roster change and it certainly hasn’t been the best of season for them. Newbee are looking to seal the qualification for this year’s TI as soon as possible and an early trip to the lower bracket wasn’t the best result for them. However a good show from Sccc and the boys puts them through to the next round.

Elsewhere, Fnatic got the clean sweep over Empire in a pretty convincing series for them. Abed especially had a great series, finishing with just a single death across the entire series.In both games, Envy took the hard lane to allow Universe an early headstart. This strat seemed to work for Fnatic and allowed lots of space for Abed as well who ended up carrying Fnatic to victory in both games.

In the UB finals, Secret had Liquid’s number the whole time and both teams drafted a similar line up in both the games. However, Midone’s Tiny pick in both games was too much for Liquid to handle as he got kill after kill and finished off the series. Puppey’s NS and Yapzor’s Rubik as well as WD were instrumental in securing the early game and allowing Midone to snowball effectively.

Day 2 will involve two lower bracket matches, the first between Newbee and Fnatic and the second between the winners and Team Liquid.



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