DreamLeague S9: Fnatic smash through the LB to make the grand finals

Shounak Sengupta

25th, Mar, 2018

*Cover Image source: @Dreamhack Dota

Day 4 of the DreamLeague Season 9 Minor saw Fnatic come out on top taking down both Liquid and Newbee to cement their spot in the grand finals. The SEA team has had it’s ups and downs in the DPC season, having had to struggle to even qualify in the earlier events. However, this has been a superb performance from them as they look to become the second SEA team after Mineski to win an event.

Abed’s Invoker too much for Newbee

In the series against Newbee, Fnatic showed incredible patience, poise and resilience, taking down the TI finalists in a close series. They stuck to their strat of letting Universe get the early advantage and allowing Envy a slightly handicapped early game. In game 1, despite having the lead, they played very patiently knowing that Sccc’s Medusa was good at defending the base. Once they had multiple hex’s and luxury items on their supports did they take the decisive fight and force out the gg.

In game 2, Sccc and Moogy got too farmed and the Newbee’s draft had too many counters to Universe’s Batrider for the TI winning offlaner to have any impact.Without a reliable source of initiation, Fnatic found it hard to initiate teamfights and always had to take fights with a slight disadvantage. Newbee never let their lead slip and played a solid game to even the series. In the decider, Fnatic allowed Abed his signature Invoker and the young midlaner just took over the game with a match winning performance. A few early deaths weren’’t enough to stop him as he took charge putting his team on his back with solo kills, and devastating combos in the mid game to turn the tide in his team’s favor.

Fnatic get the clean sweep over Liquid

In the LB finals, Fnatic came in with confidence having taken down Newbee. In game 1, Universe’s Underlord was way too tanky for Liquid and Matumbaman’s signature Venomancer didn’t look like the best of picks to be able to deal with the sustain coming out of Fnatic. Mind Control’s Tiny was able to turn some fights with his burst but once the BKB’s were out on Fnatic’s cores, there was no stopping them.

In game 2, Fnatic drafted a tanky tri core involving Lycan, Timbersaw and Abaddon and while their early game wasn’t much to write home about, the heroes started to shine once they had their core items. Liquid would have to spend all their spells in bringing down one of the heroes and the rest of Fnatic overwhelmed them. At around the 20 minute mark, the SEA team won a decisive teamfight, bringing down the entirety of Liquid and the game never looked the same from there on out.

Fnatic and Secret now face off in the grand finals and it’s bound to be an interesting clash as Puppey and Envy square off against one another. This will be Fnatic's second finals in a DPC event after they lost to VP in The Summit Season 8. 


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