Dreamleague S9: Fnatic knocked down to the lower brackets at the end of day 2

Shounak Sengupta

23rd, Mar, 2018

*Cover Image source: @Dreamhack Dota

Day 2 of the Dreamleague season 9 Minor had some very exciting Dota and some equally interesting drafts as we saw Team Secret and Teal Liquid move onto the winner bracket finals.

Things kicked off in the lower brackets with Pain Gaming getting knocked out by OG. Another disappointing finish by an SA team who as a region have failed to make their mark in DPC. Elsewhere, Immortals too were knocked out by Empire. Though MP and gang brought back the infamous Korean PA+Wisp, it wasn’t to be as Empire used Gyro and PL, two very meta heroes to take the deciding game.

Team Liquid take down Fnatic despite having a standin

In the first UB series, Fnatic looked good in game 1, forcing a gg in 25 minutes thanks to Envy’s LD and Abed’s PL. However, in game 2 in true Envy-esque fashion, they picked a carry Shadow Shaman and got destroyed by Liquid in 17 minutes. With the series tied up, both sides opted for a more conventional draft but in the end, GH’s Sand King pulled out some clutch plays in the teamfights helping TL take the win. It’s been a good show from TL who are without Miracle. Kuroky is playing the core role while Heen, their coach has taken the support position.

Yapzor’s support Terrorblade catches Newbee by surprise

In the second semi-final of the UB, Team Secret pulled out a surprise support TB pick for Yapzor. Newbee had no idea what hit them in the game as Secret’s cores ran rampant with both Midone and Ace finishing the game without a death. In game 2, Secret drafted a lineup that could dominate the lanes and despite some early deaths on the Razor, they ensured the Moogy’s TB had a terrible game. From then on it was just group and push for Secret, who had a front line tank in Ace’s Abaddon and Pugna to blast down towers. Newbee tried to defend valiantly but Pugna and Razor were doing simply too much damage for them to be able to stand their ground.

Secret and Liquid face off later today in an exciting clash in the UB finals. In the LB it will be Newbee going up against OG and Fnatic facing Empire to stay in the competition.



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