Dota Underlords releases Proto Battle Pass for free

Vignesh Raghuram

13th, Jul, 2019

‘Why should Dota 2 players have all the fun?’

Looks like Valve has agreed with that sentiment and has released a Dota Underlords Battlepass for players on all the different platforms.

Dubbed as “proto-Battle Pass,” it is the test version of a paid progression system (Similar to Dota Plus) that rewards players with exclusive cosmetic items as they play. These cosmetic items include:

  • Custom Battle Board

  • Win-Streak Effects

  • Respawn Effects

  • Banners

  • Firework Effects

  • Portrait Rings

  • Voice Chat lines


The Battlepass is free for all players who are part of the open beta. Upon acquiring it, you will have to navigate yourselves through a progression system to unlock the cosmetic items mentioned above. A paid version of the Battle Pass is expected to be made available at a later date.