Dota Plus receives a summer update

Vignesh Raghuram

12o, Jul, 2018

After the /r/dota2 community grew more and more frustrated with the lack of updates and support for Dota Plus over the last few weeks, Valve has finally taken notice and has just announced the Dota Plus Summer Update.


The patch just went live earlier today, with a handful of new features, bug fixes, and enhancements. Valve also announced that they tweaked Dota Plus' in-game guides, to help the guides suggest better builds and laning setups amongst many other changes.

Here’s a rundown of the new features added in with yesterday’s updates.
  • A new Summer Terrain

    The terrain alters the look of the map itself in order to give off a summery vibe—complete with chirping birds and lavender flowers scattered throughout the battlefield.

  • Spectate your friends’ games live

    Dota Plus will now allow players to spectate their friends' games while bypassing the two-minute broadcast delay that's normally applied to the spectator mode. Spectating in this manner is restricted to the perspective of the player being watched, however, in order to prevent spectators from simply relaying information about the enemy team's position in real time.

  • New hero quests

    The hero quests for many heroes were getting quite bland. So it was crucial for Valve to add “Dozens of new Hero Quests”

  • A new global Hero Trends page

    Similar to the trends page found on third-party statistics website Dotabuff, Valve has included hero trends page accessible through the client, which shows the pick rates of every hero in the game compared against their win rates over the last two weeks.


Several other changes including several changes to Turbo Mode, Custom Games, and several other quality of life changes were also included along with this patch.

You can read the full list of changes HERE.