Dota 2 Asia Championship 2018 - Day 5 Recap

Vignesh Raghuram

3rd, Apr, 2018

Finally, the main event of the Dota 2 Asia Championships kicked off in front of the Chinese crowd. But the Chinese fans were left sorely disappointed considering the abysmal results that the teams put out in front of them. It wasn’t until the last series of the day that the crowd showed any emotion as the Team Secret vs Vici Gaming series proved to live up to its hype. Here’s a recap of the Breakout bracket:

Evil Geniuses vs Newbee


The day started off with the first match going Evil Geniuses' way. SumaiL's Puck managed to finish the game with just a single death as the NA team destroyed the Chinese in 27 minutes with Arteezy’s Luna being the battering ram that Evil Geniuses used to break open Newbee’s base.

In the second game, Newbee approached the NA with a scary combo: Naga Siren and Engima. Once again, SumaiL's Leshrac seemed unstoppable, shutting down the Lifestealer, Naga Siren, Witch Doctor trilane in the top lane with a little help from EG’s supports. Evil Geniuses proved to be too strong, ending the game by the 25-minute mark as Kpii’s Enigma just couldn’t find the opening for a big Black Hole.


Team Liquid vs VGJ.Thunder


The second series of the day kicked off in a spectacular fashion. In the first match, VGJ.Thunder had a rough start. GH's Tusk was a real problem for the Chinese squad as he repeatedly found pickoffs in the early game stifling any momentum they gained. Liquid managed to win a huge team fight around the 20-minute mark and took Roshan from the Chinese team. From there on, Liquid was just was one step away from victory and pushed VGJ.Thunder's base, forcing out the GG.

In the second match, both teams played aggressively but Liquid were the ones to come out on top. Although VGJ.Thunder was behind by 10K gold, they managed to hold the base with the help of Fade's Keeper of the Light and Sylar's Juggernaut. However, their efforts were in vain, as Liquid crushed the Chinese base and made their way to the playoff brackets with a 2-0 win.


Optic Gaming vs Invictus Gaming


The third series of the day saw Optic Gaming take on Invictus Gaming, which was perceived to be more evenly matched than the previous two series. Optic Gaming dispelled this perception in game one, destroying the Chinese squad with their signature picks including both Terrorblade and Venomancer. Optic Gaming steadily built their advantage, before taking game one in just over 30 minutes. 

Game two was a more even affair, with Invictus Gaming drafting strong lane dominators in an Outworld Devourer and Razer as their cores. However, a disastrous fight at 35 minutes allowed Optic Gaming to break high-ground and take two lanes of barracks. IG could not come back from this deficit, and Optic Gaming took the series 2-0.


Team Secret vs Vici Gaming


3 series and 3 Chinese teams got sent home by the Western forces. Vici Gaming was the last hope(Other than LGD in the playoff brackets) for the Chinese to salvage something from the breakout bracket. But they’d be fighting against Team Secret. While Secret also did not make the most amazing showing in the group stages, they would be looking to secure some DPC points at this Major and possibly secure their spot at TI8. The stage was set.


In the first game, Vici Gaming played their typical aggressive style and got off to a hot start. However, Ace’s Enchantress was the decisive factor in team fights and gave Secret the chance to come back into the game, but Vici Gaming prevailed with some fantastic pickoffs and teamfight executions which lead them to take the game one victory.

In the second match, Wings' Faceless Void had a fantastic start, claiming a couple of kills early game, but Team Secret fought back and started to play very successful objective based Dota. However, everything fell apart for the Europeans once the superior teamfight of the Chinese kicked in. It suppressed the pushing attempts of Team Secret. Vici Gaming regained the map control and forced the GG out from Team Secret to knock them out of DAC 2018.

That wraps up the first day of the Main Event at the Dota 2 Asia Championships – with 4 teams eliminated today only 8 remain as the teams will fight again tomorrow – but without elimination looming for a few days, there will definitely be less pressure on all involved. Tomorrow we will see the first round of the upper bracket take place.



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