DeToNator bulldoze their way into the Grand Finals at the COBX: Masters

Vignesh Raghuram

6th, Apr, 2019

Image Courtesy: COBX Masters

The COBX: Masters finally kicked off day 2 with DeToNator taking on Exclamation Mark in the first semifinal matchup of the day. It was a much awaited match considering that these two Filipino teams were taking on each other for the first time in this LAN.

Here’s what went down on the first game of Day 2.


DeToNator vs Exclamation Mark


Game 1:

Both teams drafted fairly standard lineups, with DeToNator racing off to an early lead securing multiple kills on Skem’s Morphling and allowed him to snowball into the mid-game with tons of momentum. DeToNator secured multiple objectives with their farmed Morphling and choked out the map.

Only TeeHee’s Phantom Lancer managed to find significant amounts of farm on the Map with his unorthodox Aghanim’s Scepter. But even a Divine Rapier Phantom Lancer wasn’t enough to hold against the might of DeToNator.

With Mega-Creeps on their side, DeToNator easily secured a Game 1 victory.

Game 2:

Exclamation Mark let DeToNator get their hands on Skem’s Morphling once again, and it proved to be a fatal mistake once again.

Skem completely decimated and almost single-handedly shutdown Exclamation Mark in the mid-game stages allowing DeToNator to amass a massive networth lead which they used to secure a straightforward 2-0 victory.

Next up is Indian favourite, Signify taking on Tigers in one of the most hyped Dota 2 matches of the event.

This match will take place tomorrow (7th April).



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