Dendi’s first outing with Tigers ends unsuccessfully

Vignesh Raghuram

25th, Jan, 2019

Tigers’ first test with their new roster ended up being rather unsuccessful as they were unceremoniously eliminated from the Dreamleague Season 11: SEA Open Qualifiers #1 by a resurgent WG.Unity roster. The Tigers definitely showed some promise in the Open Qualifiers, with some great drafts and plays in their run.

The Tigers’ SEA Open Qualifiers #1 run


Their first match was up against Execration. Right off the bat, Tigers secured first blood and took the early advantage. Tigers’ two cores Dendi on Zeus and Mushi on Gyrocopter were making plays around the map, whether that meant getting objectives or kills, which kept increasing Tigers’ advantage. A few crucial pickoffs in the later stages left Execration hurting, as Tigers rocketed into the lead through objectives and secured the win using that overwhelming advantage.

Their next matchup would be against WG.Unity, which ultimately ended up being a failure. WG.Unity had a clear advantage in map control, objectives and gold from the beginning of the game. A slow and methodical deconstruction of Tigers left them reeling. With a farmed Anti Mage on their side, WG.Unity easily mowed down Tigers base with their Roshan. Despite many mistakes made on the side of WG.Unity, Tigers was too far behind to get any sort of footing and ultimately ended up getting eliminated from the Open Qualifiers.

The Tigers will have another shot at the Qualifiers when the Open Qualifiers #2 rolls through. With some more time to Bootcamp and improve upon their plays, they could be a serious threat to any team they encounter.



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