Day 3: Group Stages - Who can stop NA?

Vignesh Raghuram

18th, Aug, 2018
Big day for VGJ.Storm who would be hoping to secure their spot in the upper bracket in the playoffs
TNC Predator vs VGJ.Storm: NA keeps on stomping


Game 1: TNC Predator started off pretty strong, getting themselves a nice early game lead. But at 25 minutes, VGJ.Storm was able to secure the Aegis, and stalled the SEA team. Despite holding the networth advantage in the 30 minute mark, TNC was unable to push through and end the game. VGJ.Storm did an excellent job of just holding off their enemies as they began to catch up a bit in gold. A few key mistakes on the side of TNC handed over the lead to VGJ.Storm, but the roles reversed. TNC’s waveclear and splitpush prevented VGJ.Storm from finishing out the game despite a 30k gold advantage. Eventually, VGJ.Storm was able to find themselves a proper fight with 3 chronospheres and took a very convincing victory and properly utilized their numbers advantage to take the lead in a comeback game one win.


Game 2: In game two, TNC failed to draft any wave-clear and got themselves into a sticky position as they were staring down the barrel of a 5th pick Resolut1on Drow Ranger. Sneyking recognizing this glaring weakness in TNC’s draft opted to amplify it with a Mekansm and a Pipe purchase which easily secured the NA side a 2-0 victory


Team Serenity vs OpTic Gaming: Two stomps either ways


Game 1: OpTic Gaming had complete control of game one, thanks to zai’s Earthshaker who helped the NA side find kills all over the map, which allowed him to purchase a fast Blink Dagger. Through better rotational play, OpTic Gaming took objectives with little-to-no response from Team Serenity. These objectives coupled with the Nature’s Prophet factor put OpTic Gaming very ahead. Serenity knowing how far behind they were decided try and not engage with OpTic Gaming in any fashion. This backfired completely, and Serenity’s passivity allowed OpTic Gaming to take an early Roshan. Realizing they were slowly dying, Serenity chose to contest the Roshan. Unfortunately for the Chinese, OpTic easily turned from the Roshan and massacred the underleveled Serenity. This teamfight win allowed OpTic to rush the mid lane, ending game one at a quick 34 minutes.

Game 2: After losing game one due to their passivity, Serenity came into game two all guns blazing. In response, OpTic tried to dodge teamfights. Serenity realized this and took advantage of the NA team’s passive play. Serenity kept on diving towers and finding multiple kills to snowball into a 30-minute win.


VP vs Newbee - Solo pulls out the big guns

VP extended their lead to stay on top of group B putting on an absolute clinic to take down Newbee. No[o]ne played a mid Earthshaker countering Sccc’s Ember in lane and Moogy’s PL in game.Newbee’s support were killed repeatedly by VP allowing them to pull ahead. In typical VP fashion, VP outplayed Newbee in teamfights and even though they didn’t have the best cores to fight Newbee, they came out on top on sheer execution. It looked scarier and scarier for the CIS team as the game progressed but they stayed calm and executed beatifully each time and eventually took the game.

In game 2, Ramzes made life hell for the Newbee supports which in turn freed up 9Pasha’s Dragon Knight. With items on the DK, VP sat behind him and took out objectives amassing a sizeable gold lead. When they went for Newbee’s base, the Chinese team were far behind and didn’t have the items to finish of the DK as they fell one by one and were submitted into calling the gg.

Pain Gaming vs Vici Gaming - Pain get bamboozled by a last pick Huskar
W33 carried Pain on his back in game 1, playing Lina to secure much of the early and mid game for his team.  Eventually hFn’s PL picked up enough farm and VG didn’t have the tool to deal with him. VG answered back in game 2 with a last pick Huskar that Pain had absolutely no answers for. The game lasted all of 18 minutes before Pain decided that there was no coming back from that deficit and tapped out.


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