CyberZen make a heroic comeback to claim victory at the StarSeries I-League Season 7 - Asia Qualifier

Aditya Singh Rawat

31o, Dec, 2018

Cover Image Courtesy: StarLadder CS:GO

The StarSeries I-League Season 7 – Asia Qualifier has come to an end with the Playoffs coming to an end yesterday. With this, all the 16 teams participating in the event have been obtained. 

After the Group Stage concluded a few days back observing 8 teams making it through to the Playoffs, these 8 teams went through a BO3, double elimination bracket with the Grand Finals being a BO5 series with the winner qualifying onto the Main Event. 

Following is how the Playoffs turned out to be:

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Fight through the Lower Bracket

After dropping down to EHOME in the quarterfinals, CyberZen made a heroic comeback by fighting through the Lower Bracket and made it all the way into the Grand Finals where they faced EHOME once again, in an all-out intense Finale that doubled up as a revenge match.

D13 was the first team that CyberZen made quick work off and moved on to face Flash Gaming, who were surprisingly taken care of without any hassle, going down on Mirage and Dust 2 by a score of ‘16-6’ and ‘16-7’, respectively.

The next two teams were quite the challenge for CyberZen as they defeated both 5Power Gaming and MVP.PK by a series score of ‘2-1’ and made it to the Grand Finals. 

The revenge match was a clean sweep for CyberZen who were prepared and determined to get the quarterfinal revenge. EHOME were not able to win anything apart from the one game advantage that they held as they made their way through the Upper Bracket. 

But the next three games were all won by CyberZen in succession in Dust 2, Inferno & Mirage with scores of ‘16-5’, ‘16-12’ & ‘16-2’, respectively.

With this, CyberZen has made their way onto the Main Event and will be competing against the 15 other participants on 30th March in Shanghai.

The teams that will be participating in the Main Event are as follows: