CS:GO introduces Skill Groups for Danger Zone

Aditya Singh Rawat

23o, Jul, 2019

Cover Image Credit - Counter-Strike

Valve just released a new update for Counter-Strike aimed towards its battle royale mode ‘Danger Zone’. In the update, the developers added a ‘Skill Group’ to its Battle Royale bringing a bit of a competition to a mostly passive game mode.

These skill groups can be attained by playing the specific game mode and will be based strictly on your placement in recent matches. These skill groups will be visible only in the main menu and also to all those spectating your game after the match has been completed.

But not to worry, even if your rank is not as good as that of your friend, you guys can still play together as players of all skill groups will be able to participate together without any problem.

These skill groups will add some sort of relevance to the widely passive battle royale which is mostly played as a stress buster after a couple of serious matches or as a quick timepass game while waiting for your friends to come online. 

But the kind of competitiveness it brings with it will be very different from the one usually noticed in competitive matchmaking, These ranks might surely make players feel good by being present on their main menu but still doesn’t differentiate in terms of matchmaking, as players of all skill group will be able to participate together. This removes the stress that usually comes with any competitive system and makes the whole experience more enjoyable and fun.

Let’s see how the community receives this change and whether it leads to an increase in the number of players playing Danger Zone.