CS:GO announces Battle Royale mode and goes free to play via the Danger Zone update

Nishant Patel

7th, Dec, 2018
After months of speculation and a few cryptic tweets from the CS:GO Twitter handle, Valve has finally announced a new update to the game, and boy is it a big one!

CS:GO is now free to play and includes a Battle Royale mode built on CS:GO's tactical gameplay dubbed 'Danger Zone', where upto 18 players can 'Drop into Blacksite' to fight it out to be the last man standing.

The new game mode features a range of exciting features including game modes such as solo, duos or trios, the classic CS:GO arsenal of weapons, med shots, C4s. delivery drones and much more!
In addition to this, the update brings with it a brand new Danger Zone case along with a Souvenir skin -  the MP5-SD | Lab Rats, that is only available to Prime users for a limited time.
And finally, now that the game is free to play, all users who have previously purchased CS:GO have been upgraded to the Prime status even if they do not have phone numbers linked to their accounts.
Today marks a revolutionary day for Counter Strike : Global Offensive fans across the world and we can't wait to see if this makes Valve a serious competitor or perhaps even the front runner in the Battle Royale genre.
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