Crusaders force an unlikely tie, Marksmen lead the table after 1st half

Shounak Sengupta

3rd, Feb, 2018
Remstar’s Crusaders may be struggling at the bottom of the table but they still forced a draw against the current leaders, the Marksmen. While the Marksmen are currently doubling up on points on the Crusaders, it certainly didn’t seem that way last night.
The mobile and console games went one way each and it was down to CS: GO and Dota 2 to decide the victor.
Marksmen unable to maintain their perfect record in CS: GO
The Marksmen came into the match undefeated, while the Crusaders have looked very inconsistent. However, the one win that they did get was thanks to Kav1sh stepping up. After this match, it seems to be pretty evident that he is the key player for his team as he got the job done once again. It wasn’t an easy win by any means, but the ex D2D player pulled out some massive rounds like a 1v4 and even an ace to get the Crusaders the victory.
For the Marksmen, Rix was unable to shine on the AWP and finished with just 12 frags in 30 rounds The
Marksmen missed a golden opportunity to go unbeaten, dropping the ball in a game that they should have won with ease. Props to the Crusaders however for closing out the 16 rounds even though it almost slipped away as the Marksmen were one round away from forcing overtime.

Remstar’s Gyrocopter unable to get the win for Crusaders
Captain Remstar may have been one of the better Gyrocopter players in the country, but it certainly didn’t seem that way in yesterdays match. The Marksmen transitioned a simple laning stage win and while Invincible had his hands on his signature Viper, it just wasn’t enough. The Crusaders themselves had a very decent composition with the Earth Spirit, Warlock and Doom but were unable to match the movements of the enemy supports. Marksmen’s Batrider was instrumental in securing multiple kills on the Tinker and despite having the right set of items to defend the base, he couldn’t do it himself.
With this, the Marksmen will finish on top of the tables after the first half of the round robin while the Crusaders are destined to finish last.


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