?Crusaders end on a high

Shounak Sengupta

21st, Feb, 2018
It may have been the last match of the group stages, but the Crusaders finally managed to win a match after 9 failed attempts. Remstar’s boys are already out of the running for the knockout phase and finished last with half the points of the table toppers, the Yakshas. However, they signed things off on a good note, taking down Venom’s Marksmen.
However, the Crusaders were unable to win a single game of Tekken and only won one game of Real Cricket in 10 games. The Marksmen started off on a strong note, racing away to a 6 point lead.
Kav1sh carries the Crusaders once again
Kav1sh has been a star performer for the Crusaders this season and he proved it once again, carrying the Crusaders to a victory on inferno. The Marksmen missed Rix's experience and presence in the game as they were very impatient with their plays in both the halves. The Crusaders showed some good double AWP setups on the CT side to take a lead of 9-6.
With the pistol round win, they put up a 6 round difference between themselves and the Marksmen and it became too much of an ask. With 30 frags for Kav1sh, the Crusaders finished off the Marksmen 16-11.
Invincible’s Meepo destroys the Marksmen
Captain Remstar will be less than happy with his side’s performance in Dota, but the Crusaders managed to take the win after quite a while thanks to Invincible’s Meepo. With majorly single target damage on the Marksmen, they were unable to control the Meepo in the early game, giving him the snowball start he requires. With 17 kills to his name, the Meepo ran havoc around the map, picking off heroes wherever they were seen and forced the gg from the Marksmen by the 33-minute mark.
The Marksmen will move into the playoffs despite the loss but will have to regain their confidence moving forward. This match marks the end of the group stages.


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