Complexity Gaming beats Team Liquid at the Bucharest Major!

Vignesh Raghuram

7th, Mar, 2018
Team Liquid is now 1 loss away from being eliminated from The Bucharest Major after a stunning performance from Complexity Gaming leave them 1-2 in the Group Stages. Both of Liquid’s losses in this event have come against NA teams.
Complexity Gaming vs Team Liquid

Team Liquid pulled ahead in the early game utilizing a surprise Ivan “MinD_ContRoL” Ivanov Axe pick, finding kills all over the map, especially on Complexity’s greedy Puck pick. They were well on pace for an early victory, but a fantastic initiation from Linus "Limmp" Blomdin’s Tiny, halted Liquid’s momentum.

Complexity waited patiently for an opening and multiple kills on Amer “Miracle~” Barkawi’s Terrorblade bought them time and space to gain control of the game. A kill on Miracle led to a Roshan kill and an Aegis, allowing Complexity Gaming to take the map and lead.

From here on out, Team Liquid struggled to find the necessary kills, especially on Moo’s phenomenal Timbersaw. The nature of Liquid's line-up meant that any beneficial teamfight could be converted into objectives, but Complexity Gaming never gave them such an opening and eliminated them.

Earlier today, Virtus.Pro emerged victorious over Na’vi in the CIS showdown with a great showing from Ramzes666 on his Juggernaut. In the 1-1 Group, Team Secret emerged victorious in a dominant fashion against Pain Gaming, after the Brazillian squad’s Weaver experiment failed.

LFY also became the 1st team to be eliminated from the major at the hands of Vici Gaming.