COBX Masters redeems itself on Day 2 as MVP power their way into the finals

Shounak Sengupta

6th, Apr, 2019

Day 2 of the COBX Masters started on a positive note as many of the technical issues and resulting delays seem to have been fixed. With matches starting on time, fans were able to enjoy the top tier esports action that was expected from the event. The majority of the production hiccups have been absent on day 2 and the event seems to be running on schedule which was great to see.

One-sided affair as MVP flexes on B.O.O.T

Map Veto: BOOT DS picked Dust2, MVP PK picked Nuke and Train was left over as the final map.


MVP PK started on the T side and completely rolled over the Singaporean team. It seemed like BOOT were playing too reactively, waiting for MVP PK to make the moves rather than playing their own game. BOOT tried really well to push in from multiple locations to take away as much map control from MVP PK. But in an attempt to do so, they lost all their trade potential, which is essential for a map like Dust2. The Koreans punished this and established a 14-1 lead in the first half. BOOT soon succumbed to their wounds and lost 4-16.

A similar situation ensued on Nuke. MVP started on the CT side and they seemed like they could read the minds of their opponents. Fast rotations meant that BOOT were always  When they could not, they just let BOOT get a free plant while making sure that they did not lose any of their own players, and then simply went for the retakes, The Korean squad had a mammoth 12-3 lead in the first half. 

BOOT won the pistol round, but MVP hit back immediately and won an eco. MVP took advantage of the destroyed momentum and ended the match quickly with a 16-6  score

 MVP await the winners of Alpha Red vs Grayhound which will kick off shortly after. Stay tuned for all the updates and exclusives by following AFK Gaming on Facebook and Instagram.


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