COBX Masters: Grayhound eliminated as Alpha Red advance to the Finals

Aditya Singh Rawat

6o, Apr, 2019
The second day of COBX Masters witnessed the Australian team, Grayhound Gaming take on Alpha Red after the Thai team were successful in qualifying through the Group Stage.

Alpha Red surprised everyone by taking down Grayhound Gaming in back-to-back matches. The Thai team put up a phenomenal performance turning the support of the crowd in their favour bit by bit as the rounds progressed.

Alpha took Mirage by storm defeating Grayhound in a convincing manner. Alpha was in prime form as they were systematic in their approach and punished Grayhound for every small mistake that they committed.

It was not long before the match spiralled out of control for the Australians, Alpha held onto their lead and kept moving ahead with the momentum to secure the map.

The second match was played on overpass but again Alpha Red proved to be quite the competition as they hammered the Australians hard during the early stages of the match playing CT-sided.

Carrying the momentum from the first map the Thai team went on to take a huge lead which Grayhound failed to cover in the second half. Alpha took the victory on the second map knocking Grayhound Gaming out of the event.

Alpha Red seems to be on fire as they have caused quite the upset taking down one of the strongest team in the event. The Thai team will be facing the Korean giants, MVP PK in the finals tomorrow and the way they have been performing at the moment another upset is surely ‘round the corner.