COBX Gaming ties up with PGL for their international events

Shounak Sengupta

9th, Apr, 2018

COBX gaming, has announced a strategic tie up with one of esports biggest organizers PGL, for their international events. According to a PR released by COBX, “The brands will be working together towards the joint production and execution of the international events to be organised by Cobx Gaming”

In the past, COBX gaming has organized the COBX Indian esports championship, an online tournament in 2017 and have announced plans for the COBX Masters in 2018. PGL have been behind some of Dota 2 and CSGO’s biggest events internationally, having hosted Minors and Majors in both games with enormous success. In the current DPC season, PGL have organized one Major and one Minor themselves and have tied up with Perfect World to organize the English stream for 2 more Majors.

The tie-up looks promising and puts India on a list of potential locations where PGL might look to conduct their international events in the upcoming future.

Talking about the association Mr. Rajdip Gupta, Founder- Cobx Gaming stated, “We are excited to be working together and aim towards combining our efforts in realising events, to bring forth quality esports that deserves to be seen and experienced in all its greatness and intensity.”

While Silviu Stroie, CEO- PGL mentioned, “PGL’s reputation hinges on its commitment to bring fans around the world the best esports content. We know how passionate the Indian fanbase is and we aim to write our own page in the esports story of this part of the world. We can only hope we will live up the expectations that our partners at Cobx and the Indian community has for us.”

Esports in India has been on the rise for a while now with prize pools, tournament frequency and other key metrics trending upward. Dota 2 and CS:GO continue to be the most popular game titles in the country by far.

Read the full Press Release here.


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