Clutch Gamers make their way to the Grand Finals

Vignesh Raghuram

7o, Jul, 2018

Image Credits: Liquipedia


Today’s matches in the MPGL 2018: Grand Finals saw the first elimination of the event as EVOS Esports bowed out of the event after a 2-0 loss to Chinese team, Keen Gaming in the Lower-Bracket Semifinals. Keen Gaming never really looked like they were in danger of dropping a game as the series was relatively smooth sailing for the Chinese team.

On the contrary, Clutch Gamers vs Execration was a cracking game, with the series extending to three games as both teams went toe-to-toe with each other in the Winner Bracket Finals. On that note here’s a brief elaboration of today’s matches.


Keen Gaming vs EVOS Esports (2:0)


Keen Gaming had quite the smooth series as they were able to resist EVOS Esports’ momentum either through their own play or EVOS Esports' mistakes. Keen Gaming opted for a fast-paced game one, choosing to prioritize early rotations and gained a lead through space creation using their Faceless Void. Things looked even until both of Keen’s cores secured Aghanim’s Scepters and put the nail in the coffin for EVOS Esports, securing the game one victory.

The tempo of the second game was dictated by Keen Gaming’s Dragon Knight. When the mid-game arrived, EVOS Esports fell behind after a poor team fight and surrendered large portions of their map control. Sensing that defeat was on the verge of happening, Keen Gaming stepped it up, and destroyed EVOS in the final team fight, which resulted in their victory at the 41st minute.



Execration vs Clutch Gamers (1-2)


The second series of the day kicked off in a spectacular fashion. In the first match, Execration had a rough start. Gabbi’s Ember Spirit was a real problem for the Execration squad. He managed to win teamfight after teamfight by himself, accelerating his farm to a whopping 713 GPM and farming up a Maelstorm, Blink Dagger, and a Linkens Sphere, in just 21 minutes. From there on, Clutch Gamers were just one step away from victory and pushed Execration's base, forcing out the GG.

In the second match, both teams played aggressively but Execration were the ones to come out on top. Although Clutch Gamers were behind by 30K gold, they managed to hold the base with the help of Ahjit’s Kunkka and Skylark's Abyssal Underlord. However, their efforts were in vain, as Execration crushed their base and balanced the score 1-1.

In the third game, Clutch Gamers approached their familiar foes Execration with a scary combo: Huskar and Drow. Ahjit's Huskar seemed unstoppable, shutting down Karl’s Sniper in the mid lane and taking out almost all the objectives in under 20 minutes. Clutch Gamers proved to be too strong, ending the game by t22-minuteute mark and taking the series 2-1.