Clutch Gamers dominate Day 2 of SEA's gauntlet

Vignesh Raghuram

21st, Apr, 2018
The two major qualifiers, MDL Changsha and ESL One: Birmingham are slowly winding up to a close. Both qualifiers have the exact same Top 6 teams with Clutch Gamers, Execration, BOOM ID and Geek Fam.

Let’s take a look at how things went down yesterday.

MDL Changsha – SEA Qualifiers

Just 2 series were played in the MDL Changsha – SEA Qualifiers with Clutch Gamers taking on Neon Esports and Geek Fam taking on Execration.
Clutch Gamers vs Neon Esports

In Game 1, Neon Esports were allowed to take their signature Outworld Devourer for Marc. The early and mid game was pretty much a vtFαded show, with him going on a massive kill streak, while Ahjith on the Viper just farmed. However, once Neon managed to push the game towards the later stages, they gained a massive momentum swing which lead them to take Game 1.

In the second game, Clutch Gamers went back to the basics with an Ahjith Templar Assassin, while Neon Esports answered with a greedy draft picking up Luna, Gyrocopter and Puck as their cores. It is unclear how Neon Esports expected to farm up their Gyrocopter and Luna, but it cost them dearly. 30 minutes into the game they were forced to call GG, as they just couldn’t have the necessary items to stave off Clutch’s push.

Game 3 saw Neon go back to their Outworld Devourer but this time, Clutch gave vtFαded the favorable matchup with a Venomancer Mid. Clutch dominated the early game, but Neon looked like they still had a window to come back, as Marc’s Outworld Devourer had enough space to finish his essential items. That window closed when Neon lost a Roshan fight at 30 minutes, with Clutch wiping out their team.
Geek Fam vs Execration

For those familiar with SEA Dota, it’s not too common where you see Chyuan have four deaths by 12 minutes. Execration punished Geek Fam’s early game, with well-timed rotations by Grimzx’s Leshrac. Karl’s Tiny, also had a great start and picked up an early Blink Dagger at 12 minutes. He immediately started picking off heroes left-right and center

Chyuan’s Gyrocopter was a liability for the entire game. By 20 minutes he was behind all of Execration’s heroes in net worth. In a last-ditch effort, Geek Fam’s five-man smoke ran into Execration’s five-man\ smoke. Execration was able to re-engage after Geek Fam’s short bkbs and wipe them out with a Guardian Angel and a timely Epicenter.

Today, BOOM ID will take on Clutch Gamers in the Quarterfinals while one half of the Grand Finals will be decided when Fnatic take on Execration.

ESL One Birmingham

Quarterfinals #1: Clutch Gamers vs Execration

In game 1, Execration opted for a rather flexible laning setup with rotations from Grimzx’s Disruptor. Despite his movements though, Execration was unable to get ahead in the laning stage, as many rotations and gank attempts were either futile or hit supports. 10 minutes in, Clutch Gamers turned a gank attempt around and was able to kill two cores. From that point onwards, Clutch Gamers stayed ahead and didn’t give Execration an inch. They team slowly but steadily increased their advantage and only forced fights when necessary. Despite a farmed Nando, Execration was unable to weather the storm and tapped out.

Execration started off well in game two as their aggressive trilane was able to get three early kills. They kept building on the pressure, as they kept on killing and rolling over Clutch Gamers. Execration however started to trade inefficiently, giving away kills and eventually getting wiped themselves as vtFαded’s Queen of Pain ran rampant. BKB pickups on Execration gave them hope to take the game back, but Clutch was too coordinated and was able to kite around their opponent’s cores. Their teamfight with Epicenter and Sonic Wave was too much for Execration to handle and eventually Clutch closed out the game and the series.
Quarterfinals #2: Geek Fam vs BOOM ID

Game 1: BOOM ID had a firm grip on the game, with a solid laning stage and superior rotations. Fbz was able to dominate the midgame on his Leshrac. Several pickoffs allowed the Indonesians to build on their advantage and take map control, whereas Geek Fam struggled to farm their safelane Death Prophet. Even their signature Sand King was not enough to hold off BOOM ID, who kept forcing Geek Fam into their own base and eventually won the game 34 minutes in.

The second game started just like the first one did, with BOOM ID pressuring the runes and even killing Geek Fam’s Razor several times in the early game. The Indonesians kept on piling the pressure, continuously forcing back Geek Fam or killing them. Geek Fam’s draft was too greedy to deal with the pressure and was forced to tap out in 48 minutes thanks to an overwhelming net worth advantage for BOOM ID.

Today, we will finally have the big guns(TNC Predator and Fnatic) stepping foot into the event. We expect both semi-finals to be close affairs even though previous results might suggest otherwise. The fact that BOOM and Clutch Gamers have been through the gauntlet might work in favor of either team upsetting the favorites.


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