Chosen5 qualify through the WESG 2018 - Africa Online Qualifier #2

Aditya Singh Rawat

12th, Nov, 2018

The WESG 2018 – Online Qualifiers continue to take place one after the other as we move closer towards the main event, with WESG 2018 – Africa Online Qualifier 2 being the most recent qualifier to conclude. The winner of this qualifier will join Viva Algeria, winners of the Africa Online Qualifier 1 at the WESG 2018 - Africa  Closed Qualifier.

The Qualifier was hosted on FACEIT with 16 teams participating in it. The participants followed a BO1, single elimination format down to the quarterfinals after which the semifinals followed by the finals, were played out as a BO3 series.

The following teams made it to the semifinals: 

  • Iraq


  • Chosen5

  • Team Sacred

Following is how the bracket proceeded to witness the winner of the qualifier:

Image Credit: Liquipedia

The Chosen Onse

Both Iraq and Chosen5 made their way into the Grand Finals quite easily, defeating their opponents and Team Sacred by a series score of ‘2-0’, respectively.

In the finals Chosen5 defeated Iraq to qualify for the WESG 2018 – Africa Closed Qualifier after winning the BO3 series by a score of ‘2-0’ on Cache and Inferno with the scoreboard reading ‘16-9’ and ‘16-13’, respectively. 

Iraq played a very passive game the first time around which resulted in a loss for them against a confident and aggressive Chosen5. Iraq responded really well in the second match, taking a solid start but faltered in the middle when Chosen5 started to hold back on their aggression and took a more methodical approach, working wonders for Chosen5 and leading them to their second consecutive win.

Chosen5 are the winners of the WESG 2018 – Africa Online Qualifier 2 and qualify further for the Africa Closed Qualifier.


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