Chongqing Major: VP through to the finals after a commanding display against Secret

Shounak Sengupta

25th, Jan, 2019

Cover image source: Helena Kristiansson | ESL One Katowice

Virtus.Pro moved onto to the finals of the Chongqing Major with a stellar display of Dota, taking the win over Secret 2-1. This will be their second consecutive Major final and the team are in pole position to take their second Major title of the current DPC season.


A fast paced game allowed Secret to take the lead in the series, as both Nisha and Midone snowballed hard and fast, never allowing VP to find their way into the game. Without the right clicking cores on their side, VP relied too heavily on Noone’s Medusa, who simply wasn’t big enough to deal with both the PA and the Slark.

In game 2, Midone’s Huskar never worked out for Secret, and he became a liability for his team as the VP cores got bigger and bigger. Once their Troll and Anti-Mage were big enough, there was no stopping VP, who simply were too far ahead to lose teamfights.

A solid draft from VP in game 3, saw Ramzes, Solo and Rodjer crush their lane heavily, allowing their Luna to pick up an early lead. With Midone’s Slark going for an early Midas, Secret’s mid game was heavily handicapped as VP controlled the map with Noone’s MK and Io Relocate; allowing them to find pickoff after pickoff. By 30-minutes, VP were ahead by almost 10k networth and went straight for the jugular after securing Aegis. There was little Secret could do but watch their base crumble and VP mopped up the series with a top-notch performance.


The Orange Bears are always the favorites in Majors and their current form and confidence make them almost impossible to go up against. Can someone put an end to their winning streak or will VP walk away with another trophy at Chongqing?



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