Chongqing Major SEA Open Qualifiers: Mineski and WG.Unity through to the Regionals

Shounak Sengupta

19th, Nov, 2018

Cover image source: EPICENTER

The second Open Qualifiers for the SEA region for the Chongqing Major got over yesterday with Mineski and WG.Unity Moving onto the Regionals. This completes the list of 8 teams who will fight for the expected 2 spots for the Chongqing Major.

More than 2 spots unlikely for SEA

With no SEA teams in the top 4, it’s unlikely that SEA gets more than the two mandatory slots at the Major. Therefore like last time, the only way we’ll see 3 SEA teams at the Major if one makes it via the Minor.

WG.Unity makes a comeback after ages

The 2016 Boston Major saw a stellar run by WG.Unity that left everyone impressed. The players from that team went onto achieve greater things, with both xNova and Ahfu moving to China to join Chinese orgs. NaNa was picked up by Mineski last season while AhJit currently plays for the Minor Champions, Tigers. However, a completely fresh all-Malaysian roster picked up by WG.Unity that includes only one of their former players, Kang have another shot at qualifying for a Major this time around. Having taken down the likes of SGD in the semifinals, the WG.Unity squad went undefeated in the second open qualifiers to book their regionals slot.

Can Mineski get back to their winning ways?

SEA’s most successful team at the DPC circuit last season, Mineski went through a couple of roster shuffles at the beginning of the season and haven’t looked as hot since. But, having released Mushi from their squad recently, the team seems to have found somewhat of a groove as they came through the opens after taking down the likes of PG.BarracX and Neon on their path to the Regionals.


With this the 8 teams that will be competing in the Regionals are:


TNC Predator








The Regional Qualifiers kick off once from the 25th of this month and promises some exciting matches between the SEA teams as they look to take the coveted spots at the Chongqing Major.


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