China Supermajor: SEA Qualifiers - Day 1 in a nutshell

Vignesh Raghuram

24th, Apr, 2018
It turned out that China Super Major – SEA Qualifiers didn't disappoint as day 1 of the matches has already delivered rapier purchases, 90-minute games, huge upsets and endless entertainment. As day 1 of SEA Qualifiers draws to an end, we recount the day's fantastic matches, a day which included the much anticipated TNC Predator vs Fnatic BO2 match.

Fan favorites Fnatic once again slipped back to the MDL: Major – SEA Qualifier form, as TNC Predator took 2 games off the Malaysian organization. While both games were quite close, with Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao carrying his team first with his Luna, then with his Lone Druid as both of his other cores were getting heavily pressured by the TNC’s support rotations. However, crucial positioning mistakes from Universe in Game 1 and PieLieDie in Game 2 saw Fnatic lose both games and put TNC Predators in prime position to grab the final SEA slot for the China Super Major. They will be hoping for TNC to slip up to have any chance of making it to the Super Major.

Meanwhile, Open Qualifier winner The Prime NND upset the Filipino team Clutch Gamers. The only team other than Fnatic to take a game off TNC Predator in the recently concluded qualifiers.

On the other end of the spectrum, Execration performed better than expected with them sitting second in the group after overcoming Geek Fam on the tail-end of the day with a loss against TNC Predator.

Speaking of Geek Fam, they had a very poor opening day performance, losing two series on the trot against Fnatic and Execration. They need to win all the rest of their games to have any hope of qualifying to the Super Major.


Today, we will more or less confirm the team going through to the China Super Major considering TNC Predator’s form going into this qualifier. The day will open with Clutch Gamers taking on Fnatic in the opening match. We will be casting the games on our Twitch channel, do tune in.


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