Chat Wheel sounds, Ranked Roles, and In-Game Tipping added to Dota Plus

Vignesh Raghuram

14th, Sep, 2018

Before you get too excited, no, “Lakad Matatag, Normalin Normalin” is not back. But due to popular demand from the Dota 2 community, Dota Plus is bringing in some of the most popular features from this year’s Battle Pass.

The most notable of these is the chat wheel, which allows players to play audio clips in-game to allies/All player. Unfortunately, the more popular, and funnier ones featuring Dota 2 casters shouting recognizable or humorous lines are not included in Dota Plus. You only get access to random generic sounds like the ‘Party horn’, ‘Crybaby’, and ‘Bock bock’ amongst many others. They’re available from 3,000 shards up to 6,000.

Ranked Roles queue has also been revived. The feature allowed Battlepass owners to find conflict-free matches (Atleast in Drafting) and has been added back to the Dota Plus client after multiple threads on Reddit were made requesting that particular feature.

In-game tipping is also back in the form of Dota Plus shards. So if you regularly used it to commend or tilt a player you can continue to do so, all season.


These are on top of Dota Plus’ existing features which include a free weekly Battle Pass Ticket, set unlocks, and in-game statistics/analysis.



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