Changes to loss bonus along with additions to Danger Zone in the new CS:GO Update

Aditya Singh Rawat

15o, May, 2019

Cover Image Courtesy: CS:GO

The recent CS:GO update is surely going to change things up a bit again as the most stand out change was that ‘The loss bonus now caps at 5 rounds’.

What this means is that loss bonus money will now always step down to $2900 after a team with a $3400 max loss streak wins a round. To know more about how this is different from the previous economy system check out the following video,

Some other changes introduced in the update were,

  • The ability to track your opponent, scout for resources or simply deliver supplies to your teammate who is somewhere else on the map with the help of a drone by using the Drone Pilot upgrade.

  • The ability to tank a few more hits and get that early game advantage on your opponents with the help of the Armor+Helmet.

  • Now earn some extra cash by selecting the Bonus Wave Money & the Bonus Explore Money upgrades.

  • Hitting a crate with a taser will now ensure that the crate always opens up completely.

  • Shields dropped upon dying can now be equipped by other players after a slight delay.

  • A new feature called “Looking To Play” has been introduced through which players who are looking for party members can advertise themselves and play with other players who have added them to their list.

  • From now on upcoming and ongoing CS:GO events can be tracked in the Watch Tab where HLTV-provided schedule of professional LAN events will be displayed. Every player has the option to favourite their desired event and get notified of these events on their CS:GO main page.

  • Friends and other invited players can no longer join a lobby which has already entered matchmaking queue.

  • A few changes have been made to the community maps ‘Ruby’ & ‘Workout’.

Image Credit: Counter-Strike Blog