Catslayer's Top 5 CS:GO Knives Under $100 USD

Aditya Singh Rawat

18th, Sep, 2018

I can't be the only one in love with these magnificent pieces of virtual art yea? CS:GO cosmetics are a big part of why I love this game. Like most other players, I'm always on the lookout for new skins to flaunt in-game and while it's usually manageable for guns when it comes to knives - that's when the heart gets heavy and the wallet lighter! 

Here's a compilation of the best five knives that I think are really great while being affordable. I'll refrain from calling them cheap because they really aren’t, however, this is as close to robbing Valve as you can get. Here goes! 

Top 5 Knives Under $100 USD 

Shadow Daggers | Slaughter | Minimal Wear 

I'm a big fan of Shadow Daggers and their design.

This particular one has a reddish military camouflage pattern that surrounds the main blades of the daggers while the handle is a deep red colour, almost crimson with an elegant matt finish to it.

I find this colour scheme better than that of the Crimson Web, perhaps because I like a similar colour tone throughout the weapon but to each his own.

Image Credits: CSGO Store

Shadow Daggers | Night | Well Worn

These all-black themed ninja daggers are so brutally captivating. They have stealth written all over them. 

Again, a single-colour toned dagger. Its blades are a lighter shade of black whereas the grips are jet black while the overall texture has a matt finish to it. 

Although well-worn might seem a bit faded, they are still affordable will being quite attractive and if you beg to differ, I do too.

Image Credits: CS Blog


Falchion Knife | Fade | Factory New

Not a really big fan of the Falchion style, however, this particular design really catches my eye. 

The changing colour scheme is an absolute delight to look at every single time, which according to me seems to change from a hint of dark blue to red and finally yellow. The handle is mostly covered but seems to be light grey in appearance. 

The whole knife has a glossy finish to it giving it a very smooth look on the surface which works well with the chosen colour scheme. Surely a great buy, especially for those players that are looking for their first knife.

Image Credits: Steam


Flip Knife | Ultraviolet | Field Tested

Can't really go wrong with the classic flip knife in an ultraviolet shade. Although I must admit it's easy to confuse the night version with the ultraviolet one. 

The blade is a lighter shade of black while the handle is purple and it looks good during the animation. The field-tested version doesn't damage the knife all that much with a few scratches towards its edges which actually add a little roughness to the whole subtle appearance of the knife. 

I find flip knives a bit plastic in appearance that’s why I personally prefer to go with either a battle-scarred or a field-tested version of it.

Image Credits: CSGO Store


Butterfly | Forest DDPAT | Field Tested 

A trickster's blade and the knife with hands down the best opening animation. Butterfly knives are among the more popular knives in CS. Although I don’t use them much I find the Forest DDPAT version an absolute beast. 

It has a proper military feel to it but not something that an actual soldier would carry. The dark and olive-green colours along with the classic military camouflage look really good on this particular knife. The field-tested version is preferred by me as it gives it adds to its rough appearance.

Image Credits: Rubiak

These are my picks when it comes to buying knives that are not priced exorbitantly while serving the purpose of pleasing your appetite for a great looking skin as well. 

Do let us know what you think about the list and share your own favourite knife skin suggestions in the comments below!



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