Carries nerfed as patch 7.19c rolls out before Regional Qualifiers

Shounak Sengupta

15th, Sep, 2018

Patch 7.19c was released last night with some balance changes to heroes who have been dominating the picks in pubs and competitive matches in recent weeks.


Spectre, Clinkz, PL, Weaver and Ursa nerfed

Nerfs for carries have been made to try and bring newer heroes into the meta. Weaver sees changes that make her early game relatively much weaker than before while Spectre sees nerfs in terms of talents and scaling that look to limit her pick and win rates in both ranked games as well as the competitive scene. Along with these two heroes, both Ursa and Clinkz, who enjoyed 50%+ win rates have received nerfs.

These 5 heroes were some of the most consistently picked heroes in the Open Qualifier and the changes might be enough to force a wider range of carry picks in the upcoming Regional Qualifiers.


Enchantress and Wraith King receive heavy nerfs

Two of TI8’s most popular offlaners, Enchantress and Wraith King received heavy nerfs going into the Regionals. Enchantress received nerfs to her stats and movement speed, while Wraith Kings spells have been reworked to do less damage with his stun. His Lifesteal aura now only affects melee heroes as well. Both heroes along with Weaver have been popular choices for the offlane but nerfs to all 3 might force teams to come up with something fresh.


The targeted changes right before the Regional Qualifiers is certain to throw in a few twists for teams who had been working on their strategies but should hopefully bring in a slightly different meta.


Read the full changelog here.  



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