BTS announces Kings Cup 2 for NA and SEA

Shounak Sengupta

4o, Oct, 2018

Cover image source: @BeyondTheSummit

Beyond the Summit announced the second edition of the Kings Cup which will take place in both North America and South-East Asia. The first edition of the competition featured both NA and SA teams and was won by PPD’s team The Dire, which eventually went onto become OpTic Gaming.

In addition to some great content and production, the Kings Cup throws a spotlight on the tier 1.5 and tier 2 scenes in Dota which viewers generally aren’t interested in watching. But by mixing it up with fun filler content and entertaining panels and talent, BTS pulled off a successful and fun tournament without any real big names.The winner of the Kings Cup even got a direct invite to the BTS Season 8 Minor which was a DPC event last season.

Season 2 of the Kings Cup will feature 16 teams, 8 from NA and 8 from SEA and new talent to entertain the viewers. Lacoste, Grandgrant, KBBQ and Kotlguy were involved in Season 1 and put up a great show. It will be interesting to see what new talent BTS have planned for us and which SEA teams are invited for the tournament.