Bravado Gaming are the winners of the DreamHack India Invitational - CS:GO

Aditya Singh Rawat

23rd, Dec, 2018

The Grand Finals of the DreamHack India Invitational CS:GO took place between Signify CS:GO and Bravado Gaming. The two had faced each other earlier in the day as well where Signify had put up a phenomenal performance sending them down to the Lower Bracket.

Grand Finale

Match - 1

The two teams went head-on against each other on Inferno where Signify broke through the ranks of Bravado on the back of some super aggressive plays. Crazyguy was having a ball of a time as his aggressive AWPing skills were utilised to the maximum.

The Indian crowd were had just one name on the tip of their tongues. ‘Marzil’ and he lived up to everyone's expectation showcasing some ruthless frags all over the map.

Signify drew ‘3-3’ against Bravado after which there was no stopping them as they thundered to a 12-round streak to reach the map point. Bravado took a few rounds off Signify before finally crumbling to them and taking the game onto the next map.

Match - 2

Defeating Bravado on their map pick, it was time for them to pay back the favour and they did it in style, taking down Signify on Train by a score of ‘16-11’.

Signify were once again off to a solid start but early counters by Bravado observed the momentum shift sides as Bravado went on a 5 round streak to take a small lead.

Signify evened out the playing field and even went on to take control of the game yet again but everything crumbled in the second half. Nothing came the way of Signify after the pistol round as Bravado kept applying pressure until Signify were down a map as well.

Match - 3

The decider witnessed the two teams fight it out on Dust 2. Signify would have been pleased with this as they had defeated Bravado earlier on the same map today but to everyone’s dismay it turned out to be a nightmare for them as Bravado stomped through the ranks of Signify taking them down by a score of ‘16-3’.

With this, Bravado have successfully taken their revenge against Signify while also being crowned as the DreamHack India Invitational CS:GO champions. Though there journey towards being crowned the champions was not as easy as they had expected it to be, they took the challenge head-on and saw their way through.

Props are due to Signify for putting up a hell of a performance against a renowned international CS:GO roster. Their performance at the tournament electrified the local crowd and might just have ushered in a new era of Indian Counter Strike.



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