B.O.O.T d[S] and Alpha Red qualify for the COBX Masters LAN Finals in Mumbai

Shounak Sengupta

4th, Mar, 2019

The newly reformed B.O.O.T Dreamscape side qualified for their first LAN as a team and joining them will be Thailand’s Alpha Red. Both teams topped their respective groups in the SEA Closed qualifiers, sealing their spots in the LAN.


Day 1 saw Alpha Red go 3-0 in Group A, with comfortable wins over TNC, Beyond Esports and BOOM ID. Alpha Red showed some convincing Counter-Strike, winning all 3 games before the opposition could even reach double digits.


On Day 2, d[S] dominated group B, giving up only 20 rounds in 3 maps as they took the pole position. IPet Gaming, Lucid Dream and RRQ were left in the dust as d[S] showed off their might and prowess, showing just why they are considered the best SEA team.


4 more teams will join B.O.O.T dreamScape and Alpha Red at the 100,000$ LAN - 2 from India and 2 Direct Invites.