BOOM ID qualify for the Bucharest Minor after winner bracket run

Shounak Sengupta

4th, Dec, 2018

Indonesia’s BOOM ID qualified for their first ever DPC event beating Clutch Gamers, in the finals of the SEA Regional qualifiers of the Bucharest Minor. The team had an impressive run through the upper brackets, taking down Clutch Gamers twice, including the finals and Mineski to make it to the event.

CG come back from behind to eliminate WG.Unity

WG.Unity took an early lead in the first series of the day, with the help of a late game Terrorblade and OD but Clutch Gamers struck back hard in games 2 and 3. Nikobaby’s uncontested Morphling carried CG through in game 2, as the Razor pick coming out of WG.Unity never really came online. A similar story unfolded in game 3 as Alacrity’s Meepo and Lycan’s early pushing and killing power were unmatched by WG.Unity side focused around an AM. CG played their cards perfectly, finishing the game off before 30-minutes before the Anti-Mage could do any real damage.

Lacklustre Mineski fall in the semifinals

Mineski were looking like they could make a comeback to being a top SEA team, but consecutive losses to BOOM ID and then Clutch Gamers, that they now find themselves eliminated in the lower bracket semifinals. Game 1 saw Mineski proceed to lose all the lanes and their early push strat crumbled as quickly as possible as CG strolled to an easy win. Game 2 was much closer, with Mineski running off to an early 14k gold lead. However, Clutch Gamers used their Anti-Mage perfectly, as Niko dodged the fights and splitpushed. Past the 35-minute mark, CG found 2 consecutive teamfights despite Mineski having the Aegis as their Brewmaster and Pugna provided the AOE damage and control required in teamfights. The Pugna’s ward especially was hard for heroes like Nana’s Lina, pieliedie’s Lion and Febby’s Grimstroke to deal with and CG found all 5 heroes at the 45-minute mark and took the game and the series.

BOOM ID take down CG for the second time

The finals was a rematch of round 1 with BOOM ID taking on CG. The end result was no different however with the scoreline reading 2-1 instead of the 2-0 from the first time the two teams played. CG’s over-reliance on OD cost them the series as BOOM ID slowly figured them out and took the series. Skylark’s offlane Dazzle dominated game 1, putting intense pressure on Fervian’s PA, allowing CG to take a comfortable win in game 1. In game 2 as well CG exploded in the mid game with their Slark and OD but Fervian’s TB carried his team to wins in teamfights as eventually he became too fat to deal with. In game 3, CG again went for the Slark and OD but were unable to pressure Fervian’s Spectre. BOOM ID’s Tiny also snowballed hard and CG always found themselves outnumbered in teamfights. After a few lost fights, it looked improbable that CG would mount a comeback with the lineup that they had and BOOM ID were able to close it out comfortably.



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