BLAST Pro Series possibly leaks FAZE YNk's Comms, deletes Tweet later

Aditya Singh Rawat

15th, Jul, 2019

Cover Image Courtesy: BLAST Pro Series

BLAST Pro Series which is often applauded for its production quality while featuring an entertaining event format, ran itself into a bit of trouble after posting a short clip of Janko ‘YNk’ Paunovi? talking to his players during the timeout against NRG.

In the clip, YNk can be seen discussing various different strategies with the team, telling them how to proceed further in the game and stuff to look out for from the opposition. The twitch chat was quick to react, as the chat box was spammed with the word ‘Leak’.


The same clip was also tweeted out by BLAST Pro Series but was quickly taken down after a lot of professional players showed their concern over such sensitive and internal conversation being made public.

Though BPS was really quick on removing the tweet, the news had started to spread and was all over Reddit. Screenshots of the tweet were being shared in masses while the clip had also surfaced on multiple other websites, landing BPS in a row against the community and the players.

One of the users tweeted saying that such practises were quite common till 2015 but since then TO's have stopped making such content public, acknowledging that internal comms and strategies are sensitive information.

While BLAST did receive plenty of criticism for this move, it is entirely possible that FAZE could have given their consent to the clip being made public after being assured that YNk's concerns would be taken into account.

BLAST might be taking a serious hit for its actions which were certainly not thought out properly, but at the same time it was not intended to hurt an organization or any of its players. But if BPS was in the right then why delete the tweet?