BIG knocks out Tyloo from the SuperNova CS:GO Malta

Aditya Singh Rawat

1st, Dec, 2018

Cover Image Courtesy: BIG Clan

The second day of the SuperNova CS:GO Malta was pretty tough for Tyloo as they went up against the German giants, BIG, once again, this time playing them in a do-or-die situation.

Having already defeated BIG once in the opening match of the event the Chinese team had slumped against  HellRaisers and were now facing BIG once again in a decider match-up, as the winning team would be qualifying on to the Playoffs.

Group-B Decider

Tyloo went up against BIG in a BO3 match-up where BIG came in hard and heavy ready to take their revenge. 

The first match between the two teams took place on Inferno where Tyloo were washed out by a ruthless BIG as they charged through to victory without facing any resistance. Tyloo were in knots as BIG played them all around the map taking them down by a score of ‘16-2’.

The following match took place on Dust 2 where Tyloo were in shambles once again as BIG dominated them, pinning them to a corner as Tyloo took one punch after the other not able to defend or counter successfully. BIG were victorious once more with the scoreboard reading ‘16-1’.

Tyloo really underperformed as they only managed to win a total of 3 round in two matches bowing down to the might of BIG who qualify on to the Playoffs with Tyloo reaching the end of their journey at the SuperNova CS:GO Malta.


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