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Vignesh Raghuram

2nd, Jul, 2018

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The DPC Season and all of The International 8 qualifiers are now finally behind us. We can now take a look at the season and retrospect at the games and tournament wins that we’ve seen throughout. Or we could look at something that actually matters, the memes and copypastas that this season gave us. With top players barely having a break, we’ve been blessed with a variety of memes.

From the new bazillion “Mercedes Benz E-class” copypastas to the “You Punks” memes, fans have already taken some of their favorite moments from the season and spun them into online comedy gold.

Here’s a look back at all the memes that this season gave us.




The post-TI season always brings in a ton of news/ rumors about roster shuffles and what not. But amidst speculations over potential roster shuffles pre-season, a fresh reddit account user named ‘lgdamefan’ proceeded to leak the rosters of a wide variety of teams, accurately. Every single one of his predictions came true, including eternalenvy and pieliedie going to Fnatic, Fear coming out of retirement and ppd forming his own team.

This lead to hundreds of memes in the /r/dota2 community, pleading/memeing /u/lgdamefan to confirm roster shuffle rumors whenever they were posted on the subreddit. But the most hilarious meme came out alongside The Summit 8, by BTS where they made this video.




 The Mercedes Benz E400 Sedan

During the ESL One Hamburg Major, the absurd amount of advertisements of the Mercedes Benz E400 Sedan on stream (to the point that many complained that there was more advertisement time than DOTA being played), caused /r/dota2 and Twitch chat to make into a copypasta.

The copypasta associated is as follows (note the Reddit version usually features a few sentences of lead in; for example, "You may find that amazing, but you know what's really amazing? The Mercedes E-Class Sedan", followed immediately by the copypasta):


“The most intelligent E-Class family of all time welcomes a powerful new member to the dynasty. The E400 Sedan model arrives this year, boasting a 3.0L V6 biturbo engine producing 329 hp and 354 lb-ft of torque — the same powertrain that currently drives its E400 Coupe, Cabriolet and 4MATIC Wagon cousins. Paired with the 9-G-TRONIC 9-Speed automatic transmission and DYNAMIC SELECT, it promises a bracingly smooth way to experience uncommon luxury. Naturally, the 2018 E400 Sedan continues the tradition of E-Class brilliance. Harmonizing advanced automotive intelligence with awe-inspiring interior design, its first-class furnished cabin puts our advanced vehicle systems right at your fingertips — even as its world-class innovations continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of automotive intelligence. "Car-to-X" Communication enables the E-Class to exchange information with similarly equipped vehicles — effectively allowing it to "see" around corners and through obstacles to detect potential hazards. Driver Assistance Systems — including Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC®, Active Steering Assist and Active Lane Change Assist — feature intelligent cruise control: They help keep you between the lines, and can even help you shift between them. Inside, the E-Class cabin provides an environment of pure comfort and responsive technology. Flowing lines and vibrant screens provide a striking visual display, while touch controls, aromatherapy and tailored seats indulge all of your senses at once. It's a vehicle that demands to be driven, and more than lives up to the dream. Look for the E400 4MATIC Sedan at your Mercedes-Benz dealership this winter, with an MSRP of $58,900.”


The 250kg Beast


Although not related to the DPC in any manner, the 250 kg beast meme became one of the most used and frequently quoted whenever we started talking about AdmiralBulldog.

The meme started off with Bulldog tweeting this:

But the fact is that, on average, an adult male moose weights around 500kg to 700kg so people started to laugh at him saying that the only 250kg beast in near area is bulldog himself. Even after he lost weight people started using the term ‘250 kg Beast’ whenever he showed himself publicly, on stream, a tournament or made a highlight-worthy play.

4. Pizza PartEE

Immediately after Fnatic successfully qualified for the ESL One: Katowice Major, Ohaiyo was kicked from the team in order to make room for Universe. The team held a celebratory pizza party for the qualification to the major but cruelly kicked Ohaiyo during the pizza party.

While it's quite unfortunate that Ohaiyo was removed from the team in this manner. This gave birth to one of the funnier memes of the season - ‘The Pizza Party’. Used whenever a player makes an extremely questionable play, with the implication that the player will be kicked soon.
You punks are never satisfied are you?

This originated from a tweet that EG’s star midlaner Sumail made as a response to many reddit users arguing about the NA team's status as either a tier 1 or a tier 2 team,

But this Tweet became very popular on Twitch as Evil Geniuses was quickly stomped by Team Liquid shortly after the tweet was posted. This statement is repeatedly used on reddit to shittalk Evil Geniuses/Sumail or used ironically to support other teams/players. The most famous of which is EternaLEnVy’s version:

EE-sama is still not daiichiban tier? ?? ?? ? ?? ?? kisama fucking gaki are never satisfied are you? <(?´)> Hope you enjoy being bitter cause EE-sama zettaini loves being the most sugoi. (•??•?)? ??



Epicenter XL (a major in the Dota Pro Circuit) announced a Caster’s Crucible of sorts where independent casting talent can work the qualifiers for exposure on the official stream and the chance to earn an invite to cast in Moscow.

One of these casting hopefuls, named TeaTime, happened to be casting a match between OG and LOTV the team popular Twitch streamer Wagamama has been playing on. During the first day of the qualifier Wagamama reported being too sick to play and the Dota community’s favorite clown, AdmiralBulldog, stepped in as a sub for LOTV against one of Europe’s strongest squads.

During the casting of the game TeaTime repeatedly criticized AdmiralBulldog, saying “Bulldog chucks out a couple of spells in the middle of that teamfight, and thats his contribution, thats done. Thats it. And unfortunately, starpower aside, y'know celebrity, and bulldog really is just a celebrity at this point, he doesn't really seem to be keeping up”

Twitch chat and the /r/dota2 community immediately started bemoaning the disrespect shown to Bulldog by the caster and made it into a copypasta which lead to TeaTime begin to respond to the critiques with derision, dismissal and #fanlogic.

Well, Teamtime ended up not going to Epicenter to cast the games while Bulldog did, so we know how that turned out.


Kotlguy asks monkeys-forever to kiss his feet


This is the most recent one of all these memes, which just came about during the TI8 regional qualifiers. Jaron "monkeys-forever" Clinton was casting on BSJ’s stream when he came out with a shocking, obviously cooked-up revelation.

He said “The only person that I really hate on the Dota 2 scene is KOTLGuy. Outside of TI, one time, I was going down to pickup like a Golden trove carafe card, or something like that. He pushes me out of the grabs and then as I was getting up he puts his shoe in front of me and tells me that he is going to beat the f*** out of me if I don't kiss it. So obviously, I kissed his foot. And then he asked me to call him a little piggy, I was like I am not gonna go that far. I kiss feet, but I won't call you a little piggy and he walked away whistling the Benny hill theme.”

Yup, /r/dota2 and Twitch chat made it into a copypasta and frequently spammed on the BTS channel whenever KOTLguy was live on their NA qualifier hub.


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