Belgium to host its first International CS:GO Tournament

Aditya Singh Rawat

7th, Jan, 2019

Cover Image Courtesy: Charleroi Esports

Charleroi Esports Tournament is an international CS:GO event that is scheduled to take place in Belgium from 12th-14th April at the prestigious RTL Spiroudome, which can seat up to 6,300 spectators.

The esports event is a really big opportunity for tournament organizers Louvard Games, who are in collaboration with a local football team RCSC Charleroi along with a basketball team Spirou Basket. These three are together hosting the first ever international Counter-Strike tournament in Belgium. 

The event boasts a prize pool of $113,000 with a total of 8 teams participating in it. Out of the 8 slots, four are set to be Direct Invites while the other four will be occupied by teams that qualify through the four Regional Qualifiers.

Regional Qualifiers

There will be a single qualifier for both North America and Asia whereas two qualifiers will be held for the European Region. 

All the Regional Qualifiers will be played Online on FACEIT and will be organized by France Pro League. 

The dates for the Qualifiers are as follows: 

  • EU Qualifier #1 - 11th - 12th March – Registration starts on 11th March, 22:30 IST 

  • EU Qualifier #2 - 18th - 19th March – Registration starts on 18th March, 22:30 IST 

  • NA Qualifier #1 - 13th - 14th March – Registration starts on 14th March, 3:30 IST 

  • Asia Qualifier #1 - 20th - 21st March – Registration starts on 20th March, 16:30 IST

Direct Invites 

Till now two teams have received an invite for the event. The first team to receive the invites was LDLC which was followed by Vitality receiving the second invite yesterday. Both the teams belong to France and are placed amongst the top 30 teams globally.


The tickets for the event are already on sale. Refer to the image below for further information:

Teams participating in the tournament are: 

  • LDLC – Direct Invite 

  • Vitality – Direct Invite 

  • Direct Invite #3 

  • Direct Invite #4 

  • EU Qualifier #1 

  • EU Qualifier #2 

  • NA Qualifier 

  • Asia Qualifier


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