Battle Arena Malaysia signs Dota team under the tag Battle Arena Elites

Shounak Sengupta

17o, Jun, 2018

Battle Arena Malaysia, one of the country’s most premier and upscale Esports clubs have recently announced their Dota 2 roster. SEA legend Yamateh, was tasked to assemble and lead the squad and he has narrowed down upon 5 well-known players from the region to represent the team that will be known as Battle Arena Elites or B.A.E .


Former Firedragoon midlaner Alacrity will be the mid laner for the team while Ciao8/ciaoba has been roped in as the team’s carry player. Handling the offlane will be none other than another SEA great, Ohaiyo whose involvement with the team is temporary for the time being. His former teammate, Net will be handling the 4 position while Yamateh himself will be the captain/drafter and 5 position player. The team has also employed Winter as their coach and mentor and the former pro turned analyst with his years of experience will surely be of great value to the roster.


Chong “ciaoba” Wei Lun

Hiew “AlaCrity” Teck Yoong

Khoo “Ohaiyo” Chong Xin (substitute)

Lim “Net” Wai Pern

Ng “YamateH” Wei Poong


Chan “WinteR” Litt-Binn (coach)


“Battle Arena’s mission has always been to provide a supportive environment where aspiring gamers can hone their skills and kickstart a fruitful career in esports. Therefore, having our very own gaming teams has always been a plan in the pipeline. We are happy to announce that this plan has come into fruition earlier than expected.  Please allow us to introduce our very first signing of Battle Arena Elites!

Battle Arena Elites is currently representing us in our very first official tournament in The International 2018 Qualifiers. Having this DOTA team is definitely a start of what we hope to achieve in our Vision and Mission Statement. In the near future, we are definitely hoping to be able to extend our gaming teams into other prominent esports games.

Battle Arena is constantly finding ways to advocate and create more platforms for aspiring talents to progress in an esports career. We hope that our support can assist esports talents in realizing their dreams. Moving forward, we would want to groom more talents, not just gamers, but also in other esports related areas such as team managers, coaches and other relevant personnel. We hope that this can further advance the support and recognition of esports in Malaysia.” – Irwin Chan, Head of Business Development at Battle Arena Malaysia.


Battle Arena Malaysia played both the SEA Open Qualifiers for TI8 but were unable to make it the first time. In OQ #1, they made it all the way till the ro16, eventually losing to Geek Fam.


Currently, the team is still playing in the second open qualifier and are one victory away from qualification to the regionals. They are tied at 1-1 with SGD in thsemifinalsls but even if they lose, they can still make it if they beat TaskUs Titans in the decider.