Autochess official Mobile game is coming with a $1.5 Million Tournament

Vignesh Raghuram

15th, Mar, 2019

After weeks of speculation and conflicting reports, Drodo Studios have finally announced that Auto Chess is coming to Mobile devices. They are partnering up with Chinese company Dragonest, to design Autochess for mobile devices.

Since they’re porting out of Dota 2 for Autochess, Drodo studios cannot use copyrighted Dota 2 characters. Hence they’re obligated to create all new characters for the standalone mobile version. However, all of their characters have some resemblance to Dota 2 heroes.

Auto Chess seems like a game which is very naturally suited to be ported into a mobile version. So the mobile version, eventually made sense. While no word was initially provided as to what kind of effect this mobile announcement will have on the development of the original Dota 2 mod.

Drodo studio devs, posted on Chinese gaming forum, NGA said "We won't stop updating Dota AutoChess. Actually, updating Dota Auto Chess will be our top priority and the reference for mobile version. Mobile version just provides more options for people who can't play the game on PC."

They’ve also announced a $1.5 Million competitive league for the mobile game, hosted by IMBAtv. While no other details about the tournament have been revealed, this is a piece of massive news for Autochess fans worldwide.